For Sale WA: 75 FJ55 Parts

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Feb 3, 2020
Stanwood, WA
I have the last of the parts from my rusty piggy that I feel are worth anything (and I was willing to put in the effort to get). Still have the glass, but this thing is heading to the junkyard within a week.
Not really sure what to ask for this stuff but I’m supposed to put a price. Idk what these pig bits go for and I’d like to see them put to use on someone’s project so literally, make me an offer that is a good deal for the buyer (plus actual shipping).
I have:
Grill and both headlight bezel/trim pieces SOLD

4 splash guards ( one by steering box may have been cut a little?)

Hood release cable with grommets and mechanism: just the hood end. SOLD

Glove box

Heater control mechanism/cables

Heater blower box/motor. Motor is seized

Front heater blower plastic duct with rubber sleeve.

Front heater (not sure on condition of core) SOLD

Gauge cluster SOLD

Lower dash pad SOLD

Rear heater lines: 4 hardlines. 2 firewall y to heater and rear heater as well as the longer lines to rear heater.

2 heater line metal covers (went around rubber hose between hardline/front heater core)

Warm pull knob/cable/bracket

Heater valve from firewall (not sure if it seals but moves freely)

Wiper motor, bracket and arms/linkage. Motor runs both speeds. SOLD

Dash panel SOLD

Dash switches. Have rear heater switch, choke cable, front fan switch, wiper switch, hazard switch lighted light switch. Haven’t tested any switches.

3 door lock knobs SOLD

Choke cable bracket

Bellows grommet for 4wd linkage SOLD



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Better pic of dash, gauges.
Interested in the center dash pad, door lock knobs and t case rubber boot. How does 30 bucks sound for these parts , I will pay shipping.
Interested in the center dash pad, door lock knobs and t case rubber boot. How does 30 bucks sound for these parts , I will pay shipping.
I would do that. I’ll see if it fits in a thin medium flat rate box.
What are you wanting for the grill and headlight surrounds? I'll take them if the price is right!
I think they’re worth at least $200-300? Especially with that sweet patina. (One surround was in the back seat, that’s why it’s still black and not weathered).
Seriously though, $50 plus shipping for all 3 pieces?
Let me know about shipping and where to PayPal once you find out, thanks!
Will do. Probably sometime tomorrow I’ll know if it fits.
All are from 75. I really don’t know what a good price for that panel is? If you’re looking for just the panel, I’d let it go much cheaper than with all the switches attached. I guess it depends what of it you’re after.
PMed you on the gauges and panel.

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