VSC TRAC and VSC OFF lights always on

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Jan 8, 2012

Another question - the VSC TRAC and VSC OFF lights are always on even when the engine management light is not on. I think this happened after I took it to Toyota and they did an emission test to try and diagnose p0420 code.

Is there anyway of resetting these warning lights to off? I want to see if they have been set on somehow or whether they are tripping everytime i start the car,


Your center diff isn't locked is it?
Dealership might have accidentally done that.
I have the same after trying the scangauge what couldn't be connected.
CDL is not engaged.
Doesn't make sense after reading this thread but mine did that when my catalytic converter was acting up...
I haven't checked for the LC, but I know there is a procedure you can do to reset the VSC/Trac lights on the Highlanders. The VSC system will sometimes disable when a check engine light comes on. My wife's Highlander threw a code and the VSC light came on. I researched the internet and found a way to reset it. Never had any more issues.
I had the same problem and the it was the Yaw Rate Sensor. I replaced the sensor and still need to reset the steering angle sensor to get rid of the lights.

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