Vortec V8 6.0 Conversion Tips

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Jan 10, 2006
I'm replacing my 2F (1985 FJ60) with a Vortec 6.0 - looking for a few tips:

Is the Howell wiring harness worth the $650?

Bolt-on vs. weld-on engine mounts?

Will the stock Chevy headers fit with an FJ60, or do I need to get the old ram-horn style for stearing system clearance?

I read the feedback on Mark's of Austrailia adapter kit - definately going with that!

Any other advice would be helpful, I'm just at the buying stage now.

This is my first conversion, but I figure if I can rebuild a turbine engine - I can do this!
Are you talking about the "old-style" SBC or the new one (Gen III?). Keeping the GM injection? Throttle body or multi-point?

I'm betting the turbine has specific, detailed directions for rebuild. Closest you can get to that is Downey's (I can hear the BOOs) conversion guide. Probably 1,000s of ways to do this with the same components.
Gen III, 2002 MPI Vortec 6.0L.

Got as message from Anthony at Mark's - they're almost finished with a Gen III adapter for the 4 Speed TC tranny. With that, looks like some AA engine mounts and radiator, Howell wiring harness and fuel pump and a few more extras will get me there. 98-02 Camaro headers will fix the exhust clearance problem.

Still need to know if I'd need a lift kit, and if so, how high?

Red_Bear said:
Gen III, 2002 MPI Vortec 6.0L.
Still need to know if I'd need a lift kit, and if so, how high?

probably not needed as the bowtie motors tend to be about 200 lbs. lighter than the 2F -- lighter, 2x the hp & torque....sounds good to me :D


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