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Sep 6, 2002
My HJ60 (1984, 12V) overcharges when the rpm are over 1000. The needle of the meter is always above the top, so IMO this is a sign of a bad voltage controller (the brush assembly is new, the truck has an external controller).
This would not surprise me, since the controller is in bad shape, and had some wires spliced in.
my question is: would a controller from an FJ60 work? I have a remanufactured controller for 60 series 1980 to 1987. It has precisely the same size, but the plug is a little different in form. It still has 6 pins though. Can I swap plugs and go with that?
Toyota number that I have is 27700-57050 (or 57040, I forgot).
thanks for the help,
Oct 8, 2005
in the stacks
If I'm working the EPC correctly, 27700-57050 applies to: 85-87 HJ6# (2H, 2HT) and 85-87 BJ70/71, each 24v.

The other number you give (57040) didn't cross-reference with any cruisers at all.

My EPC doesn't seem to go back to 84, but the number given for the 3F starting in '88 is 27700-15020.

I didn't see one case in the EPC where the gas cruisers shared a regulator part# with the diesel. I don't know if this helps or if there's more to it than that - I'm just a noob with an EPC (a dangerous thing!).

But, since no one else was stepping up to the plate, i thought I'd take a swing at it. Any corrections from experts would be welcome.


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