version 2: no heater flapper handle? no problem.. pics included

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Dec 2, 2006
North Mississippi
I'm seriously bored, so I figured I'd share a the thrill of the mod with the guys...this is version 2 for anyone who gives a rip...

Use an L bracket, hack some of one side off....screw it in the handle mount and you have a way to seriously close the bottom flapper when you want defrost. Perfect.

And all of this right in time for the summer ... yes.

P.S. if you were sent the wrong upper hinge and flapper, installed the whole freakin heater only to discover the hinge is the wrong year / design and is also installed 180degrees backwards ... and you then realize that there is absolutely no hope for having a normal handle unless you remove the entire heater, then ....this mod's for YOU MAN!
heater mod 2.jpg
Heater mod 3.jpg

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