valve cover torque?

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Jul 8, 2005
New Kent, VA
I just finished putting a new gasket on my valve cover, man am i glad i did, the gasket was completely out of the track on the back third of the valve cover. Now when im off-camber i wont have a stream of oil pouring out any more haha.

I just sinched the bolts down until they seated the little plugs in the valve cover, but id feel better if i knew a real torque value to put on em.

Oh, this is totally unrelated, but any tips on the easiest way to replace the belts, ive gotta replace the AC and alternator belts once i finish this delicious pizza.

Thanks fellas.
Yeah. Just hand tighten it and then after the motor has gone through a couple of cooling cycles, re-tighten them again. Worked well for me.

It's a pain when you crack the valve cover. JB quick weld works extremely well to fix the crack though. Don't ask me why I know....

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