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Dec 19, 2006
Lafayette, CA
I had my 60 stolen about 5yrs ago. Went through the whole program with my insurance company (Safeco), but just before settlement the truck was recovered.

Bottom line... I bought a clean body with a shot drivetrain. Had all receipts for the work I did on the truck (rebuilt engine /H55/OME/etc) and included photos. Spent a little time educating my adjuster on the Land Cruiser mystic and supplied numerous comps (find the most expensive you can!!!) on other trucks for sale. TLC in LA and Cool 'Cruisers were a good source. And, there have been articles in numerous publication such as the LA Times / NY Times about Landcruisers, the culture and (exagerrated) prices. Find them and give your adjuster copies as well.

Had about $11K total into the truck at the time and they were prepare to give me about $12K. No profit there, but at least wouldn't have taken a hit.

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