value of a 96

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Dec 9, 2010
Amelia (east of cincy) ohio
Just looked at a 96 with 212000 miles. It is pretty clean but missing the third row. They are asking 4900. I'm thinkinh with out the third row I should offer 3500. Does that seem out of line?

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Well as most of us chuck the third seats ( I just store mine until the grandkids show up) I would say maybe you should evaluate this 96 on whether or not it has been well maintained and it's general condition.

$4900 may be a great price depending on if it has lockers and everything works. You can pick up a used set of third seats for next to nothing.
It is at a lot. I went in with a lowball offer and mentioned the seats. He was livid. Not at me. He didnt know it was supposed to have a third row. They moved it to the back of the lot and I left them my number.

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Not too bad a price if she is running well - most people here would agree the 80 is one of the best trucks ever made by man - as long as the body and drivetrain are solid - not a bad price - the real $$$ comes into play on issues like front and/ or rear end rebuilds, birfs, leaks, brakes, etc.
I was lucky and had no major issues for about 5 years with my 94 - but all the mods become pricey - but fun!!!!!!
Oh I know all about the 80 mods and issues. I have one I wheel. Just looking at something new. The price seemed good but I was surprised to not see the seats

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More power to you if you can get a $1400 discount because it doesn't have the third row seats. I would use it for all I could get, but at $4900 if it's preatty clean, I would say you are pretty close to a fair price.

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