V8 fj40 weight

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Feb 20, 2003
Upstate NY
What's an approximate weight of an FJ40 with a V8, probably one from the early 70s, if the tub/sheet metal matters? Trying to decide if I can/should tow a V8 FJ40 with my 4Runner.  I'm looking at a couple of rigs that aren't running.  If I end up reaching a deal with someone, it would be nice if I could tow it home with my truck rather than having to borrow my father's F150.
My FJ40 tips the scales right now at 4100#....full cage, all gear, full fuel tank.

I towed with my 1995 Toyota pickup (V6, 5-speed, 31" tires) for a few years and it's pushing things pretty hard. IMO, an experienced tower can get away with it, but if anything "unexpected" happens it will get dangerous quickly.

IMO, borrow the truck.
oish... at about ~4000lbs, I think I'll try to get my father's truck.  My runner could pull it ok, but the braking would be scary.  I tow a 3300lbs boat with my runner and braking with that behind me takes some caution.  My brakes are just too small/weak for that much load.
Braking is a key issue. But so is the tendancy for the "tail to wag the dog" during some avoidance maneuver. That's part of what Woody and Gumby are referring to, I'm thinking. :)

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