using off-label springs?

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Oct 7, 2004
Has anyone used springs from other truck applications on the the landcruiser?. By searching I have found that oe springs are 18.74" in front and 18.5" in rear. the springs taper at top. looks like around 10 wraps. I wonder if springs of appropriate diameter and length would seat ok? I ask because one could get used springs for cheap from a wrecking yard/ebay.

Does someone know the inside and outside diameter of the uncompressed 80 series springs. how do these diameter measurements differ from the slee and ome springs? if the # of wraps, wire diameter, spring diameter and length is aprox, would it work?
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If the coils have the same specs, no reason you couldn't put them on...but spring rate is going to be interesting. You are dealing with front and rear weight, and you really need to know the spring rates of what you are buying (are they stiffer?).

Not sure this is the best place to save $$$, but you wouldn't be the first person to use boneyard springs on a different rig, and it has been done effectively. You'll be spending money on an unknown, though, which may be contrary to working in a tight budget.

I'm curious.

Not to pick on you but why not get the proper springs? they are not that expensive to begin with.
Ome spring are $160 a pair= $320 for all 4. Slee springs $200 per pair = $400 for all 4. This is reasonable considering R&D involved and how rare landcruisers are. But ford/dodge/jeep/chevy are all over the place for way cheap. Until someone investigates we may be missing a cheep and easy alternative--just exploring the possibility.

so anyone know the diameter of an unladen landcruiser spring?

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