USB Jack in Dash

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Sep 9, 2011
Chicago, IL
I recently completed the installation of a new stereo system in my 62 and thought I'd pass on a cool idea for a dash mounted USB jack. A google search turned up the Jensen Marine USB/AUX jack:

I bought mine on ebay. The jack is threaded and has a large plastic nut on the back. The idea is to tighten the nut against whatever you're installing the jack in so that it's mounted securely.


I just popped out the plastic blank in the dash, measured to the exact center, drilled a small pilot hole and then finished it off with a cheap hole saw bit from Home Depot.




I then pulled the radio and made the connections to the USB and AUX connections in the back of the head unit. I had to use one of these adapter cables to connect the RCA ends on the Jensen to the AUX input:


You can get the cable at Amazon:

Here's the end result:











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Nice install job. I used a similar jack to get a line-in on my 4Runner...but didn't see a USB option. Would have been way nice to use the USB for power and the line-in for audio.
I had the same idea but hadn't gotten to the point of planning it out. Muchas gracias for hooking us up with the details. My dash is missing a blank, where I was thinking of putting this. Anyone have an extra one in brown for a 89FJ62? Or know where I could get one?

That's a great idea,me specially if you have a head unit that has a USB port.
I have the factory head unit so I can't use it.
The below port is just for charging:

I'd never seen a usb/aux jack to move the one on the rear of the unit to the dash. Pretty cool! a lot cleaner than having wires hanging under the dash for you to connect your ipod or whatever. awesome idea
PRICE: $18.99

• Dual USB ports, can charge two different devices simultaneously
• Color: black
• Material: ABS + Electronic components
• Input voltage: DC 12V
• Output voltage: DC 5V 2.1A

• 1 USB Dual power socket
• 1 Connector with cable for easy installation

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Toyota Small Aux USB Switch

Price: $18.99
He has threads in the classifieds section under the small business store front tab.
I 've been using that Jenson unit a while now. On the 40 dash it's way over lower left just right of the wheel. I use it in conjunction
with the water proof marine head units. The JBL head unit in the 60 dash is also Blue tooth ready so you store your play list on a smart phone. The smaller unit fits the 40 better. It's not blue tooth but the jenson USB jack plugfss directly to the inputs with either USB
or the audio
I built them both. I figured I needed the trans temp ( 700R ) and the fuel pressure gauge for my injection more than that big square radio so I made the radio delete plate. My dash insert was cracked multiple places and Toyota wanted about 400~450 for that piece of plastic so I built a new one with the things I needed most. It has a dual USB with two voltage outputs, the stock switched 12v socket and a 12v constant ARB switches, a rear rack mounted lightbar switch and two of the original switches which in hindsight I'd probably eliminate.
I can't remember the last time I used either. The only stock pieces useful to me were the heater/Ac controls and the 12v socket.
The radio delete panel also has a voltmeter with leads direct to the two batteries so when the truck isn't running I can check each battery individually. It's operated by a
on/off/on switch. It's nice when you have an ARB fridge drawing on your system
I built them both. My dash insert was cracked multiple places and Toyota wanted about 400~450 for that piece of plastic so I built a new one with the things I needed most.

You built the dash surround? Holy F'n crap. Why aren't you selling them?
You built the dash surround? Holy F'n crap. Why aren't you selling them?

I've built about a dozen over the last five years, no two alike. The last two ( one was mine ) have the JBL marine radio. I've built them with
VDO clocks, assorted gauges, varying numbers of 12v plugs, etc. It would be hard to pick the assortment everyone wants. It's like Jason's
grill. I've built grills over the years but everyone wants it different. The only common denominator is the extra clearance for coolers with a
V-8 plus auto conversion
How did you make it?
I may redo it. The factory switches are my least favorite. They are sloppy, inconsistent and dated looking. Now with OTRATTW making so many cover options for the Carling/Contura switches, I would toss the factory in favor of those. Probably even use the Carling/Contura switch mounts to add a nice accent
I would pay you for a stock (OEM) replacement. I just need it to have more strength maybe made out of very strong plastic or aluminum. I replaced the original but it is developing a crack.
mine's a simple CNC cut steel plate. To make a duplicate of the original with all the recesses and such would require a three dimensional
plate about 3/4" thickness overall. Milling it out of a higher grade plastic or aluminum would be possible The programming would be time consuming. I think Toyota knew this when they priced the stock plastic replacement at 400.00 + dollars. Lucky for us it's an overstock item
so the price is reduced 175.00.

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