Usal Road

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Jul 31, 2007
Wow, just got done reading about Usal Road. In some ways it reminds me of Mcgrew. I would definitly be interested in attending a run there if PMC gets one together. I think it would be best to hit it before the summer 2WD are able to get in though.
wife and I are heading up there to check it out a week from Fri. Don't expect to engage front end...but then you never know??? Camping should be better in Aug. but following someone else won't be.
A few years ago a returned from The McGrew trail via Usal road. During winter it might be muddy but during the summer it is just a long winding dusty dirt road.
yes, that would be a good club run... I know Dion wants to see it happen, mostly a matter of finding an open weekend.

Pups, sorry, but who are you (name)? I can't keep track of who is who with these mud names... although I certainly recognize Don and Doug!
Well let's see Mr. Treasurer..... i will give you one hint I am Leading the team in on friday in this wonderful little town called O'Brian in the Great Northwest :)
Two great runs back to back!! Very Cool I have property in Humbolt so one of these trips i just might have to go exploring
Well let's see Mr. Treasurer..... i will give you one hint I am Leading the team in on friday in this wonderful little town called O'Brian in the Great Northwest :)

OK, now I get it... Pups.

The one and Only, new Friday Informal run in, and all around good egg... JD!

thanks Jeff! Makes sense to me.

I forget, were you traveling to Maob also? Lets make sure Usal happens this summer... should be real nice to cruise to the coast while its near the 100s inland. I'm stoked...
Yes, I agree even if it is in informal run i am game. There is so much beautiful country up there that i haven't seen. Hopefully maybe late May early June leave on a friday afternoon or Sat Morning come back Sunday?
It's be kind of cool to drop down 101, head in through Ferndale, drive through Petrolia, drop down to Shelter Cove, and then do USAL from there. I've been to Petrolia and Honeydew twice growing up there, but haven't been in years.
The Lost Coast Run

July or August sounds great, Meet up in Fort Bragg on Friday Evening, Spend the Night and leave early the next morning, Camp on the Beach or in a Camp Ground ? Would enjoy sightseeing and Exploring new area's, Maybe make it a Club Event Yearly, Since the other Trail are either Crowded or Closed.
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Sheila and I are gonna run it backwards this weekend from shelter cove. Planning on spending the night at Usal beach Sat nite if we can't find a beach somewhere in between
Well we made it. Got to Shelter Cove in about 2 hrs from Willits on Fri. Spoke to three different Inn keepers and even though none claimed to have been through to Usal they all said it was a very rough road. We smiled and nodded wondering what their idea was of rough.
Sat. morning we took off about 9am and headed south on Chamise mt. road for what they call "4 corners". From there Usal Rd. begins and there is a BIG county sign saying "Road Closed To Thru Traffic" We first took the road heading west and dropped down to "Bear Harbor". No roads to the beach but beautiful country with $15 per day walk in camping spots. Beautiful coastal views. The Docent at the park headquarters informed us there was a day use fee besides an over night fee. Typical "Sierra Clubber" We informed him we wouldn't be staying but wanted to know about the Usal Rd?. He claimed to have worked there 22 years and never had driven his 4x4 car through but the people that had, claimed that it took them all day. Hmmmm? And you can't see anything but trees. Hmmmm? Almost like all the locals are trying to keep this road a secret. Especially with the road signs. We continued on down to the end of the road at Bear Harbor. A beautiful little spot up in the trees with a herd of about 20 wapiti laying in the sunny grass next to the 2 parked cars. These elk are tame. We got out of the wagon and took pictures from 20 feet.
Back up to 4 corners, we turned onto Usal Rd and headed south. Road was obviously being driven as all winter blow-downs had been opened and mud holes driven through. I drove for an hour before the wife pushed me out of the drivers seat. She wanted to have some fun too. After one comment about her choice of line I learned to keep my mouth shut.:D We never saw another person or rig until we were almost to Usal. Guy in a brand new Range Rover had turned around at one particular long rutted mud hole. He was shocked to see us come up behind him. I told him how easy it was and he turned around and headed for Shelter Cove. Another guy in an FJ not too far behind him was heading north also.
Overall it was a fun road (piece of cake) that took about 2 hrs to drive. I do believe it will see quite a bit of traffic in the summer. It was another 30 minutes out to Hwy 1 this morning and a half hour out to Leggett where 1 meets 101. We were in Willits 2 hrs after leaving Usal campground. Whole round trip from Willits to Willits was 185 miles.

There are many options to do this as a run. We could camp at Usal and make a day run to Shelter Cove and back. Or like Ross mentioned and drive all the way to Petrolia. What I didn't realize was that the Lost Coast is actually from Petrolia to Usal Beach. Shelter Cove pretty much splits the north and south sections. Shelter Cove is worth a visit but I wouldn't want to buy gas there.:eek:

I hope we can get some sort of group run together.:cheers:
Nicely done Don! Was it chilly? :)
Hi Tony,
(this is Sheila. i don't like to be cold so Don thought i should answer this question)
Chilly? It wasn't bad. Friday was sweatshirt weather in Shelter Cove. That evening it got real windy, but we had a nice room with a heater. Saturday was sunny and breezy, nice driving weather. On Usal beach the sand was blowing around so we didn't hang around there. At our campsite it was more protected but still really windy. I had on half of the clothes I took (4 layers on top, 2 layers on bottom, hat and gloves) but Don wore shorts and a sweatshirt until the sun went down. We had a nice fire and around dinner time the wind died down. Sunday morn it was comfortable (with my layers on) and surprisingly dry. I think it was colder at home than where we were.
Great write up. I have never been and wanted to check it out. The family will be heading to Usal Road at the end of May for camping and fishing. Now reading about it, we may have a change in plans about camping and how many days, none the less we will be there. My vacation picks at work sucked this year so making alot of trips will be hard to do, anyone is welcomed to tag along this trip.
Permission to use this as copy for the newsletter.

permission granted John. I hope this trip comes up for discussion at the meeting at Fun Day. Problem for us is we can't make it to Fun Day. Sheila says I have to go to a wedding that day:frown:
I'll bring it up. I'm assuming people want to do this, instead of Cow Mountain run.????
that's the weekend that gets my vote. With schools starting up sooner now a days, thats one of the last weekends before summer vacation ends for some folks.
Sorry to say that I want make that weekend.I'll be in Baja fish-n

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