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Jul 14, 2015
Eldorado, NC
Hi Everyone – We have a pretty good workload for the September 21st Work Day. We’ll meet at 9 am at the Uwharrie Hunt Camp. Our plan is to install several sections of guardrail on Daniel Trail, Sawmill Trail, Wolf Den Trail & if we have time Rocky Mt Loop Trail. We will also be armoring with rip rap several wet sections on RML & Sawmill Trail. If anyone has a dump trailer that can go onto the trails or a pick-up truck that can go on the trails that can haul rock to the sites we’d appreciate your help. We’ll also need vehicles that can haul posts & drag guardrails to the locations.

As a great bonus for us CNC 4x4 will be providing a late lunch for all of the volunteers that day!!!! They did this last year too. Please see Mike’s message below from CNC4x4 and let them know if you’ll be coming to volunteer on September 21st. If you can get a count per club and send it in to him or if you want to pass this onto your members and tell them to register with them that would be great so that they know how much food to buy.

If you haven't done so already, please email me so I can add you to the list, or if you're a CNC4x4 member you can reply to the CNC4x4 private forum here...https://cnc4x4.org/forums/topic/ure-work-day-sponsored-lunch-sept-21-2019/#post-2822

I'll also post this information on NC4x4's forum...

Ralph has already posted the event on the "the “What’s on the grill” thread on NC4x4"

Looking forward to seeing lots of CNC4x4 members there!
Best Regards,
Mike F.
CNC4x4 Board Member for 2019

Thanks a lot everyone. I hope it cools down for this work day. Bye - Terry

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