URE workday Aug 17 2013

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Apr 5, 2005
Next workday is coming up. I "think " we will be working on Dutch John bridge. Might be working on Daniel also. Have not got any news from Terry yet.
I can be there I think...
Sorry Darin, but I'm not gonna make it. I've been bad this summer, but I've already got plans in Eastern NC that weekend. :frown:
Anyone for the weekend of the 31'st then. We will need some help that day also. Saturday the 31'st to be exact.
I'm going to try and make it out there on the 17th. Can't say for sure and I know I can't make it on the 31st so i'll shoot for the 17th.
I'll try to make it to one of them.
I am in for the 17th. Got my hall pass ready.
mike, come for the 17th
I'll be at Gaston this weekend but possibly can do the 31st.
Not gonna make the 17th. Gotta do work here in the morning. I'll keep the 31st open
31st will be working hard. Come prepared to work if anyone comes that Saturday.

You mean you are going to do my knuckle rebuild in the parking lot of the Outpost? hehehe
You mean you are going to do my knuckle rebuild in the parking lot of the Outpost? hehehe

Bring parts/ tools / plenty of energy drinks / 10x10 cover and we can do it.......
Hey Darin, What's the agenda for this Saturday? What can I bring down?
Basic hand tools that i know of. Going to be a pretty light one that i know of. Have not heard anything really. Talked to Terry but i did not get much out of her besides she has put my name in for running the range when it opens back up. I doubt i will get it but we shall see.
I will be at the outpost by 8:30. If anyone in raleigh needs/wants a ride down, PM me.

This is something i got from Terry for this workday.

Hi Tim – I talked to Snappy today and he was going to post some information on the website for those interested in helping to meet up with you. He said that the log crossings that are in the middle of Dutch John Trail are the ones that need to get fixed. The one log crossing closest to the intersection with Wolf Den has been fixed. Then it’s the next two. You’ll have to get over the rocky areas with the logs, but it’ll be better coming from the western end than coming in from the Slab Pile end where you’d have to come down the steep, entrenched hill climb. I’d have the folks that aren’t hauling anything in meet you at where Wolf Den Trail and Falls Dam Trail / Forest Road 516 meet. They can be parked along the side of the road and still let people pass as folks continue up to Art Lilley & Falls Dam Trailhead.

Janet can give you the sign-up sheet, tools and a few day passes & you can get those folks that meet up with you at the trail.

Thanks a lot for getting your club together to work on these crossings. I’ll probably work with the clubs on the Sept work day. We’ve got 5 folks out west on fires and I’ve got a bunch of deadlines this week so I’m a bit burnt out to work this Saturday. I need to get to Daniel Trail to see the flagging there to see what could be done there this fall. Take care. Bye - Terry
See you at 0800 darin
You mean you are going to do my knuckle rebuild in the parking lot of the Outpost? hehehe

You coming tomorrow?!? We can fix it!

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