URE Work Day - Saturday, May 21

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Sep 13, 2007
Apex, NC
The next URE work day will be Saturday, May 21. We will meet with the Forest Service at 9am at the Uwharrie Hunt Camp (down the road from the Outpost). I will talk with Terry to find out what sort of work we can expect. Please check back with this post for any updates. Also, please post up if you can attend.

Please bring a lunch with you out on the trail. You can buy food in the morning, before 9am, at the Outpost if you don't want to bring lunch from home.

See Post 24 for latest plan from Terry.

Del - maybe; please confirm
Brett - maybe
Ramon - maybe
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I am hopefully still heading up there this Sunday for the week, so i can knock out some things also.
I will be able to make it. plan on heading out saturday am.
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I'm in - the wife is going to DC that weekend...

Anyone leaving from the Durham - RTP area let me know and we can meet up somewhere along the way.
If I cant get away from work to go to GSMTR I will try to make it to URE.
I will participate and can bring some basic landscaping tools.
It looks like this will be a light work day on May 21. Terry mentioned that they are planning a big day on June 18 which coincides with our June URE trip. I would suggest that we try to fit in morning work on that weekend too and hit the trails after lunch. Will start discussion in that trip thread.

I asked Terry if there are any particular needs to Wolf Den and will post up what she says.

Unless Terry comes back with specific trail work needs, I think we can plan on picking up trash and checking trail markers on Wolf Den. We will get day passes, so after lunch we can plan on riding some trails.
Just a heads up.

Cleaned up our trail yesterday. Was not too bad like before but still a bunch of garbage bags full. Our trail Markers still look good esp compared to others out here. Maybe put a couple of arrow trail markers up on some turns but i think overall it looks very good. Just my observation though. Even the log bridge looks good this time around. Maybe fix a few hay bundles and add a few more.

Just my thoughts and observations from being here this week. take them with a grain of salt.
Darin, Thanks for all your help and work on the trail.
Never a problem doing what i can. Right now i can never make these events but it does not mean i still can not help out some way. Zuwharrie people are up there right now so it might be a mess again by the time you all get up there.
Here is an update from Terry. This is general maintenance not specific to our trail.

"We'll have carsonite signs to put up at trail intersections as well. Also, general trash pick up, hauling out of some corduroy crossings and we can armor some stream crossings with rock if you let me know your club will be there with a way to get the rock moved to the site and placed."

I'm not sure how big the rock is for the stream crossings, but I can ask. We could definitely do this on Wolf Den where the logs currently are (corduroy crossing?). Anyone have a trailer that you could bring out to haul rock in? Any additional folks interested in helping out? There might be a one year trail pass handed out to a random club volunteer...

By the way if anyone would like to go from the Triangle but doesn't want to (or can't) drive please post up. It looks like there are a couple of us heading out with seats available. :cool:
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I would love to help but I can't, work sucks! I have a 7000lb dump trailer if it is needed and some wants to drive to havenot for it. I could possibly meet someone in kinston on wed pm, if you guys really want it. Have fun.
depending on where we need to take the rock, i can bring the 85' pickup and mule rock in..
I haven't heard anything back from Terry regarding rock for creek crossings. Will let you know if she replies.

For the Triangle folks who want to caravan, I would suggest meeting at the Mobil on 64 at Farrington Rd (E side of Jordan) at 6:50am. Plan to leave by 7:00am. That shou
ld put us at the Outpost about 8:30am.
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I'm a definite possible maybe :)
I'll be there with Andrea, I may be late though so don't wait for me.

Brian told me he is going also but hasn't posted up yet.
Sorry guys. All this rain has put me behind on several projects around the house that I need to wrap up. Best wishes for a productive and accident-free day.

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