URE this weekend (5/9 - 5/10)?

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Sep 13, 2007
Apex, NC
I think there has been some discussion about an overnight / day trip to Uwharrie this weekend. One big question, will the trails be open or limited with the 4x4cross event this weekend?

Who is interested in going if the trails are open? I personally have no interest in watching the 4x4cross...
I would like to go to URE but I dont know if I feel like fighting the crowds this weekend just to watch. We definitely need to schedule a wheelin trip there in the immediate future.
RML will be closed basically, and so that means if you come up Dutch John you will want to go out..slab pile I think it is?

I do suspect it will be crowded at that trail but others might be very light crowd.

I will be there but watching the event / or over at the stables watching the bogs / rock garden.
I've got the itch bad and want to go soon but with the race this weekend the crowds may be too much for me.

Keep me posted if it is any other weekend this month.
Like I mentioned at the top, I have no particular interest in the 4x4cross event (watching, etc.). Since the event is limited to Rocky Mount, we should be able to ride Daniel, Slab Pile, and Dutch John...

from American Wheeler site:
"Each category will race a slightly different course. Although you will all be going up Rocky Mountain Loop, certain areas don't have bypasses making it unfair for the less built classes."

Anyway, I'm still only iffy (need to confirm with the boss) about making the trip on Saturday for the day, but I wanted to gauge interest...
i will be there. i am going to try to watch some of the race, dont know how well thats going to work out. i do want to wheel though. as long as there isnt a bunch of mud.....i'm on street tires!
Leaving out early tomorrow morning.

Will be cruiserless though. Will be one dirtbike for the weekend. If ya see a guy waving at you one a Honda bike / red Dodge dually with grey enclosed trailer it is me. So please wave back. JK.

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