Unused plugs inside dash, need help to identify

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Mar 22, 2010
While working on my stereo install, I noted that there are 2 unused plugs under there that I would like to identify.

I believe one is the plug for the CDL switch connection. Wrapped in foam at the back of this wire set. FJammer photos 011.jpg

The other is behind the stereo, yellow 4 pin connector, nothing nearby to connect to. 1st pic of connector as it sits, 2nd pic is me turning it so you can see the pins. FJammer photos 012.jpg FJammer photos 013.jpg

Thanks for any and all insight.
FJammer photos 011.jpg
FJammer photos 012.jpg
FJammer photos 013.jpg
Further clarification. 1st connector in foam is directly behind the a/c control unit. The other pin is high and behind the stereo.

Thanks again.
There are two plugs for the stereo. One bypasses the amp, the other uses it.

The plug wrapped in foam is for the CDL.
I have several plugs for the stereo, large grey, small grey, and large white. FJammer photos 018.jpg Photo. I have nothing remotely similar for this yellow 4 pin. FJammer photos 013.jpg Which is further back and retained in a black plastic coated metal retainer clip high and behind the stereo when installed.
FJammer photos 018.jpg
FJammer photos 013.jpg
Might want to clarify year, and whether it is a LC or LX. Would be good to put that info in your signature for future reference.
Good point, 97 LC.
I would guess that it is part of the automatic climate control system, possibly for the interior temperature sensor or something similar. Without auto A/C, it rests empty. I know there is a similar, if not the same plug in the same place in my 96. Don't worry about it.

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