UHF / VHF Mounting location

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Oct 11, 2010
Calgary, Canada
Hello guys,

I was wondering were is everyone mounting them (pictures). I have been running the little Baofeng uv-5r handheld radio for a couple of years but got a great deal for a Kenwood NX-800K2 for $20 so its time to upgrade.
I want to avoid any drilling or permanent marking on the interior panels. I was thinking inside the center console but I'm not sure about cooling.

Hoping this will serve as reference for everyone else
Mounted my Kenwood 71A under the passenger seat utilizing the factory stereo amp brackets after doing the bypass. The radio has plenty of 'breathing' room and is completely out of the way. Remote head and Mic are mounted towards the front of the center console on easily replaced plastic. This was the least obstructive install I could do, with mounting the head in the garage door opener cavity coming in a close second.

Mine is in the center console. The previous owner cut a huge hole in there to fit an aftermarket CD changer so that compartment was useless for storage anyway. It was an easy choice.
another remote install. my DVD player was redundant so used this spot under the center armrest (this is for an Icom IC-7000):

OEM DVD player & mounting brackets after removal

lower shell from DVD player & support bracket used to attach the radio:

radio mounted in DVD spot:

the IC-7000 remote control locks onto this plate, which is screwed into a thin metal plate (hidden here) that slides into the gap beneath the display

the remote control slides on & locks in
CB and 12 meter Radio rack.
Still not finished. Cover is next

Is that the final location, on top of the dash? In a crash that might be hazardous.
Whoa, you have a Bluesquirrel monogram on your dash cover, cool.
just thought i would chime in keep the thread goin... i installed mine last night... its the yaesu ftm100dr
i mounted the deck behind the lower dash above the dead pedal



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