Ugly Prado, I have one. 93’ 2 door shorty with a 2LT Diesel engine

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Mar 29, 2022
brooklyn NY
newbie newbie! I am new to Toyota and new to diesel, I got this truck for not so much $ and I would like to get it working properly. Engine is a mess. It runs but barley and since I am new to diesel I thought I would get a working Engine and drop it in there which them gives me a change to work on the original but!!! It’s a difficult engine to source in the US, I am in NYC. I also read that the 2LT is s bit under powered … that said, reading and learning, I found that other users have replaced this with a 1HZ or 1KD-FTV… my question, will this bolt onto the 2LT original MT (manual 5 speed) as a bolt on. Thoughts

thanks from the father and son team (ugly pardo project). Thank you in advance.


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