two questions

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Mar 12, 2003
1st will the head of the 3efi bolt directly on to my 2f. 76

2) i noticed the 60 series axles were a little longer. 1 inch? i've thought about putting them on my 40 just cuz. will they fit right in with the springs? or would i need to widen the springs.

3 questions

also whats the best route on a 5-speed in my 40?

i'm doing a complete rebuild, from bottom to top, but since i'm in college i can only gather information for now and slowly gather parts.

any comments that someone would like to throw in on restoation would be nice.
I'm not sure about your first two questions, but as far as 5-speed tranny if possible go with the Aussie toyota 5-speed, it would most likely be the easiest to install. The NV4500 is a good 5-speed, dodge uses it behind the Cummins turbo diesels, so it's pretty tough, rear drive shaft lenghts can get a bit short with this particular tranny. Advanced Adapters can hook you up with the necessary adapters to mount this tranny to what ever engineand t-case your going to use. As far as restorations go, be very patient and meticulous, it'll be worth it in the end. Sand blast everything that'll be repainted, use genuine toyota parts where you can, they're way better than the other stuff.
The 3FE head will bolt to the 2F block. It is a bit taller maybe? not sure if it fits in a 40 or not???

The 60 axles are 3 inches wider than a 40 overall. Not sure if the bolt right up but you can put them under the 40 with mods for sure.

you probably have to outboard the springs, as in the stock possition in a 40, the pumpkin will probably be in the position needed for spring mounts sprin

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