Turn signal malfunction

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Sep 24, 2003
My FJ60's left turn signal mysteriously quick working the other day. All the other lights work, and there is nothing wrong with the bulb (I tried to other good ones). I searched the forum and couldn't find anything relating to this. Has anyone else had this happen? Could something be corroded?
haha you yelled at me for punctuation, you better double check the words you used. anyway did ya check the wires behind the light, because the same thing happened to me a wire just worked its way loose..
p.s. are you my 11th grade english teacher?? haha jk good luck with the cruiser
I had the same issue on my '72, it was a quick disconect type plug or :banana: plug inside the engine bay, full of corrosion. Pulled it apart and stuck both in backing soda and water and cleaned them up. Worked just fine after that.
get a multimeater from autozone and test the leads where it pluggs in while the turn signal is operational. if you are getting power to the fuse. if the fuse is good, test the hazard light switch. if that is good, test the flasher. if you are getting power to the flasher, test the switch. if there is power at the switch, test the socket. when you find the place that has lost power, your problem lies behind the last place that had power.

example: no power to socket, switch, or flasher, but the fuse is working, and you have power to the front side of the hazard switch, but not the back, the hazard switch is broken.

if you need a wiring schematic, let me know.

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