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Sep 18, 2019
Mississippi Gulf Coast
1970 FJ55 stock in Tupelo, MS $5000

Disclaimer: This is not my truck, but I was very interested in it and sent my sons (who live local to the truck) to inspect it. I was going to make an offer, but what the truck needs exceeds my skills and will likely result in a divorce. Y’all know what I am talking about.

My story: I find truck listed online, contact the owner, who lives in Tupelo, MS. This is 5 hours from me, but only 1 hour from my two son’s who are in school at Ole Miss. They are obviously more than happy to inspect the truck for me. They drive out there with instructions from me on what to look for and a magnet. I’m not buying the truck but I think the truck is worth saving so in the name of the Iron Pig Preservation Society I am posting this to help the owner find the next caretaker of the truck.

Owner’s name is Jeff and his number is six-six-two, six 7 nine, zero zero 77. He texts.

The high points:
This is a 1970 FJ55 with an F engine and a three on the tree. Asking price is $5000. Odometer says 75200 miles and the owner believes that is the correct mileage and the odometer does still work. Color was smurf blue and alpine white. Owner sold it to someone (I’ll call him “bondo guy”) who started to take it apart and do bondo work then stopped and sold it back to the current owner. Truck was 100% functional when he sold it, it isn’t now after the bondo guy got to it. More detail below.

The good:
  • The owner is very responsive to questions and texts. He was nice to my boys.
  • The truck runs and drives (my boys drove it). Ran it through all the gears. No unhappy noises from the gearbox or engine.
  • The owner has purchased a new carb that is correct for the engine.
  • The engine was rebuilt from the guy he bought it from and I believe him. The engine was started from cold and it fired right up with no issues. The engine didn’t miss and ran strong.
  • All the glass is there except for the rear tailgate. No cracks.
  • The doors are solid, no rust on them.
  • Owner has a clear title
  • Owner says he drives the truck at least once a month
  • The entire roof passed the magnet test with flying colors.
  • The headliner is intact (but dirty)
  • Frame looks great. Solid.
  • Brakes work. Are all original disk brakes. Does not pull to one side during a hard brake.
  • Entire truck is original with no mods. Even the hub caps and radio are there. It’s a bit of a time capsule.
  • I saw a photo of at least one door panel. I think the rest are there.

The so-so:
  • Rear tailgate glass is broken but the owner says he has the regulator and mechanism and I think I saw a picture of it.
  • Keys are lost
  • Grill and other small trim pieces are not with the owner but he thinks he knows where they are
  • No electrics work in the truck at present, but they did before he sold it to the bondo guy, so they are not too far gone.
  • Transfer case has a slow leak
  • 4WD wasn’t working on the day we inspected it, but they owner said it had worked in the recent past.
  • Clutch needs adjusting or something.
  • Throwout bearing needs to be replaced. It squeaks when the clutch is depressed.
  • It has the typical lower body FJ55 rust. Red circles areas in the pictures are where it failed the magnet test.
  • The sheetmetal replacement effort was started by the bondo guy. It is not complete.
  • Radiator is leaking

I have probably 50 pictures and some video. I’ll post up the most relevant pics. If you need more, IM me and I’ll figure something out. I’m new to the forum, so hopefully the pics make it to the post. Looks like I can only do 5 photos at a time. I'll try to respond to the thread with more pictures.





Sep 18, 2019
Mississippi Gulf Coast
The middle picture is the transfer case (I think) and the dark oil indicates something is leaking a bit. The light brown in the bottom two pictures is the color of the local mud.



Sep 18, 2019
Mississippi Gulf Coast
I did mean to say drum brakes. Thank you. The report from the boys on their first time using drum brakes was interesting. “Yeah, they work. I mean, you get the feeling that the truck will stop eventually”. They compared it to their uncles car that has a bad air leak. They said “you don’t have to pump them, you just have to start earlier than with disk brakes. “

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