Tundra 18" retro steel wheel

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Oct 28, 2002
Western Massachusetts
This is a little design attempt at modifying an 18" base steel wheel with a nod to the original steel wheel style. Not sure it's a success, but not bad. The rings do protect the valve stem, and add strength.
DSC_0120 2.JPG
Nice idea, how is the ring attached? Any problem getting and/or keeping in balanced?
It's hard to tell with black on black, but are they like bead lock rim rings?
If so, when you go wheeling, you may have issues with rocks and pebbles getting caught inside the rim and ring and rolling around while driving until you clean them out.

Just my 2 cents from my years of wheeling.
They are not quite like a bead lock. The four slots are open to the outer most section of the wheel that would retain debris… so with a little luck I won't run into issues. If problems do pop up, I'll find a way to deal, or they'll be relegated to some other duty.
I like the idea... would help to see'em on the truck.
What do the rings weigh?
I'll have some pictures soon, next week maybe. They weigh roughly 1.5 lbs each, water jet cut em' from 12 gauge/.109" cold rolled… they could be made from thinner material to drop weight… but 1/2 a pound isn't going to be huge with what these weigh.
Ahhh... I see now! The gray paint does a much better job of showing detail.
So, correct me if I'm wrong, you weld the ring along the O.D. and tack the ring I.D. in a few places to the inner part of the rim.
This way, anything than can get inside between the rim and the ring can get out!

The gray one looks pretty cool. It looks unique.

17x7 200 series steelies + 70x split rims 16x5.5


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Here they are on the 200… went with black satin. They really photograph horribly… they appear much less flat in the flesh. Tires are 275/70R18 Cooper AT/W, 33.23" X 8.9". If anyone with a 100 Series in the New England area wants to try one of these on for a photo, drop me a note. I can make more.
. 200steelwheels.jpg
Wow. You win the "Trust Me. This is Going to Look Awesome" award. That really looks great. Badass.

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