Tuffy alternative?

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Aug 13, 2005
I'll never use a jeep product in a Cruiser. Try Cool Cruisers of taxas they have some nice consoles.
I'm not nearly as biased, that console looks interesting, but I think I prefer the Tuffy's cupholders.

I've had a Tuffy in my BTJ62 for about 6 years, mine's the O12 model that doesn't have the separate compartment for the stereo (don't need it). I can't remember exactly how much I paid for it but it wasn't much more than the "BUY IT NOW" price for the Jeep one. If you can get it for much less through the auction, great, but if you pay close to the BIN price, you might want to revisit the Tuffy.

I don't have any experience with the CCOT ones but have heard good things, one thing I don't like about them is that handle.
I didn't mean to come off negative on jeeps I've had great fun in both but I am biased. The nice thing about a purpose built product is that it's USUALY going to fit well with out much trouble or time. The down side is your probably going to pay more than you want cuz someone took the time to figure it out for you. Don't get me wrong, I'm cheep most of the time which means I waist lots of time trying to make it work!! It's time or money. Sometimes both.
i got my tuffy a few years ago from JT outfitters. It was on e-bay because it was a returned item with effed up paint. my powder-coat friend fixed it right up.
i paid, i think, about 75 bucks.
scan craigs list, or e-bay. they come up once in a while. you have to futz around mounting them in a 60 anyway, at least that was what i had to do. JT did list the one i got as "for a 60 series", but they have been known to stretch the truth.
we've had our tuffy for about five years, I think. Like Exiled, I got the non-stereo one and have been very happy with it. the newer lock (I have the old barrel lock style) looks like it would be easier to get keys made (good) but also has more moving parts and ways to fail (bad).

If you, or a friend, are handy with steel or even wood, you could probably make something instead of the Tuffy, but they've pretty much got it dialed in- the product is nice looking, works great, and keeps your stuff safe.
cosmo said:
I'll never use a jeep product in a Cruiser. Try Cool Cruisers of taxas they have some nice consoles.

I have a CCOT in my 40 and a Tuffy in my 60. I'll be buying a Tuffy for my 40 soon. Want a good deal on my CCOT?
Watch eBay....I sold my old tuffy when I did my engine and tranny swap since I didn't know where all my shifters and stuff was gonna land...I just bought one off eBay two weeks ago with the radio slot for $150....But I had been lookin for like 3-4 months...

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