TT issue with 60ps write-up

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Apr 21, 2002
On a hill overlooking a lake in Idaho
What issue was the powersteering write-up for a 60's steering box in a 40 in Toyota Trails? Would be nice is there was a master index of articles someplace.
Nothing special about that writeup..... there are better ways to do a couple parts of the swap than was done in that article too. If you have figured out the basics of the FJ60 steering conversion, then the article will not add much.

Nope I don't remember which issue it was in.... it has been a while :)

theres the faq section.

section 11.1 powersteering pump pressure. Not quite what I was after. But thanks anyway. Finally found it inthe july/aug 2003 issue.
Thanks Mark. Does give me an idea of what is involved. Sort of looks like scout with out the tre problems.
if you combine an FJ55 steering column and an '40 column... the get the bearing at the bottom and the splined end... you can use a lengthened '55 intermediate shaft.... all fits together and looks factory.

if you have the skills to cut and flip an FJ40 pitman arm... it fits much nicer than the '60 arm.


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