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Jun 29, 2011
Phoenix, AZ
i am planning to bug out for a couple days. My plan is to leave after I replace a leaking water heater for my tenant, so a little iffy on departure time, but looking to beat traffic heading west. I am looking to explore some of Kofa, so expecting a 3 hour drive to get there. Any interest in joining, let me know. Also, I would appreciate any recommendations on things worth seeing, i.e. Palm canyon, King Mine etc. Planning to take my trailer too, so off-roading will be fairly mild.
Enjoy Gold King Mine is awesome

Crystal hill is pretty cool. You can wander about and keep what you find in sight, no excavating.
things worth seeing, i.e. Palm canyon, King Mine etc.
All of the above!

Plus check my thread here for the results of most of the KofA roads:
KofA Kamping Trip

The roads are good enough for passenger cars (mostly), but even on a good smooth flat road danger is lurking - I hit a big rock too fast on my second trip there and bent the snot out of my steering knuckle:

Camping - sleeping in tent or in rig?

If you get to the south west corner you have to check out the museum at Castle Dome City - it has so much stuff I spent hours there:


And if you get lucky you need to see some sheep:


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