Trekboxx System Alpha for GX470

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Sep 9, 2015
Yuma, AZ
I reached out to David Walter, the owner of Trekboxx Expedition Systems, about his System Alpha drawer and organization design. I won’t deny that these are expensive and there are many ways to get a 75% solution for 2/3 the price. However, I do believe this is a fantastic overall design that not only has great organization, but excellent security within the vehicle and unmatched quality. I would like to freely admit that I have not seen one of these in person, but the reviews I have seen are glowing and it is made by a guy who is like us and this is how he supports his family.

I know not everyone can afford something like this. I am fortunate to be able to. Like all of you, I work very hard and I value my free time. I want to spend that time with my family and not engrossed in more work while at home. I view this as a way to trade my time and energy for someone else to build a system better than I could. I am a “buy once, cry once” kind of guy. I really feel it will help maximize my time with my family doing fun things so I am prepared to buy one, but I can’t do it alone.

David is interested in designing his system for the GX470 and has access to a truck in order to measure, prototype and test fit. However, he would need at least 10 people to purchase in order to bring the cost in line with the other vehicles. Once that initial order is completed, it would be available going forward for others as well.

Is there anyone else who would be willing to help me get this going?
Unfortunately, I’m not in the market for a drawer system.

I did go look at their web site and they look nice:
I was checking them out. They're really nice looking but the cost is just too high for me. I definitely see the benefit of buying nice gear and I dont mind spending high costs for great gear one time, but these drawers are just too far outside of the "reasonable" parameters for me. The same way I wouldn't pay $3k for a roof rack or a fridge, $4k for these is just too high.

I'd be interested at $2k and that factors in the "support small business" mindset.
Yes, it is expensive. But a Goose Gear plate, Icebox with drawer, and large drawer module will run about $3600. The Trekboxx is a much more custom system and total package.
I love this but I already have ARB drawers etc.

Looks amazing!

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