Tray back canopy and frame

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Mar 24, 2009
some pics of my canopy lay out.
The frame was from a patrol ute which had a tray just a little longer so i had the put the front frame legs in front of my tray and turf the headache rack.
The two middle bars that run from front to the rear come about a foot from the rack and raise up slightly so prevent water pooling on top.
i did leave one of the sides unzipped once after a big rain and had a nice bird bath pool on top of the canopy.
Lots of tradies running roof racks will have a pole in each corner that go through the canvas and build a frame or roof rack on top of that with out leaks
Any more pics or measurements needed just let me know :cheers:

Another example i seen was this 75 series
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thanks for the pics, informative.
i do like the way the second truck ties the roof rack to the side bars, looks really Mad Max.

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