trashed transfer case i think ? hdj81

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Feb 4, 2009
sunshine coast
hey all i was pulling a f.o.r.d pick up out of some brutal situation literally cemented into a hole of mud with my winch the truck would not budge as i am new to 4bying i oviously had the wrong approch and tried to reverse in 4 lo it must have poped out of 4 lo now i can not drive in 4 hi without major grindage drove the rig home and there it sits please help appreciate any help thanks fellow mudders
Sounds like the perfect formula to break a front ring and pinion.

The 80's series have a highpinion front diff, good for clearance, bad for reverse stress.

Many members have broken the front ring and pinion by pulling out stuck vhehicles in reverse.

I would try draining the front diff first and see if you get any metal bits.
When asking for advice on a vehicle, it's always helpful to know what vehicle, what year, what country?


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