Transfer case gears too??

Mar 22, 2005
ok. need help from those who know.

1987 FJ60. stock. after 244K finally have to replace the clutch. rear main seal has a small leak and will be replaced. front of H42 has a larger leak that oiled the clutch for me (i was not happy)...also will receive attention. i used transmission adapter on my floor jack and have the transmission/transfer case removed. I can see now that the transfer case better than ever and see that the mysterious leaks may also originate from a seal on the top of the unit. so, my plan is to install new clutch (bearings, etc.); remove transfer case from transmission; fix leaks on H42 and install; replace gaskets and o-rings in transfer case and install.

i do not have problems with either the transmission or transfer case (noise or anything that would indicate replacing the bearings, but then, i have not opened the case yet either). would it be best to fix what needs fixin? or put in a complete kit?? who has had good results with fixing leaks and how far did you go?

(Oh, yes...and when the Factory Service Manual says "liquid sealer" is that code for blue loctite??)

Thx in advance!
Nov 23, 2005
With that many miles I'd go ahead and do the whole shabang while it's out.

I hate having to R & R 2x!
Apr 9, 2002
Olympia, WA
Do a standard rebuild kit (seals/gaskets/bearings) and replace gears, forks only if needed. If you decide to open up the tranmission, think about doing the syncros too. The liquid sealer is like pipe thread compound for the bolds that go through the transfer case into the transmission, so you don't get seeping around the threads.

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