Transfer Case issues

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Feb 13, 2008
I did post this at the bottom of another TC thread but then decided it really needed one of it's own:

My truck doesn't get driven much as i've moved into a house with a bus stop nearby which makes the trip to and from University much easier. Anyway, it did ~4500KM in the last 12 months.
A month or so ago i decided i had better take it down the shop and get them to do a quick service, however on the way i noticed quite a lot of driveline vibration. I had previously noticed some drive line "clanging" on gear/engine pick-up. I asked them to take a look and they've come back and said that not only is the front-rear universal worn out(hopefully the sound of the clanging type noise?) but the rear output bearing on the transfer case has excessive wear!

Anyone had any experience with TC wear? My main problem is a quite serious lack of funds and their first suggestion was a full TC rebuild and while in there have a look at the gearbox too. :s

Cheers lads.
I think so! I haven't driven her for a couple of weeks because of exams but that sounds about right. Excellent, will order up a new one and replace it :)

1 issue down(hopefully), 1 to go.

I would confirm by driving around without the rear driveshaft, just make sure you lock use the CDL before you drive around, also if that sound is still there try removing the font with the rear on. Good luck!


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