trans swap need info?

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May 2, 2009
Has anyone installed a later model h41 4speed trans out of a 1985 fj60 into a fj40 while using a 3speed transfercase?concerned about shift linkage for transfer case and will the split case input gear mesh with the 3speed transfercase.
I don't even know if a drive gear is available for 19 spline shaft to 3 speed transfer-case, I've never heard of one??? (let alone any other bolt-up/shifting/bearing issues)
I do not think it is possible. There is no adapter available for the conversion.
Hi All:

Nope, this is not possible - the earlier one-piece t-case that came behind the J30 three-speed transmission accepts a 16 spline output shaft; the H41 tranny from a non-USA market FJ60 would have a 19 spline output shaft.

What you want to bolt-up behind this H41 is a "split" type t-case from a 1981-84 US-market FJ60; this t-case will have 2.28 low range gearing (almost as low as the 3-speed t-case gearing of 2.3) while being much stronger.



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