Trail luggage rack for yeep mounted to Con-Fer on FJ40

Jun 15, 2005
SoCal - westsiiiide
So, over time several have PM'd me about the Outland Trail Rack for luggage made for yeeps, but mounted to my FJ. You can see it in many of my thread posts when talking about other parts or mods, and also on my website (see link in my sig below)... but here is the deal.

The Outland rack is cheapest on eBay I found. I have it mounted to my swing out Con-Fer rear tire rack. It adds greatly to storage when I have the rig full and need some extra storage room. It is claimed to hold 50 pounds or so. As it is bolt together powder coated painted steel tubing with reinforced weld points, it is not MAF of MT quality mind you, it is just auxiliary storage and happened to fit PERFECT just above the 33" spare tire mount. Great for coolers, beach or camping gear. I even have my hi-lift attached to it. it is very handy, looks good (for the price), functions well, does not break the bank. Thus, it might work well if rigged to other racks.

as you can see below, I just centered the rack right behind the spare tire. I drilled holes in the Con-Fer and had to drill new holes in the trail rack vertical supports as the trail rack is made for yeeps and thus, has holes that line up with predrilled holes on the yeep. so, I had to make new holes in my case. I then bolted it right to the Con-Fer. It just so happens, the vertical supports line up about perfect with the height of the horizontal supports on the Con-Fer.






A nice side bonus is that I can remove the rack, quickly if needed, by removing 4 quick bolts (seen right above the top horizontal Con-Fer support). the top part of the rack separates from the vertical supports right behind the spare tire. I used some 1" tubular webbing and made covers (like condoms) to slide over the exposed vertical supports if the rack is removed to keep a person from impaling themselves, or a body part, on the supports.

BTW, I did this nearly 2 years ago, just never wrote it up.

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