tps adjustment, need help finding gauges

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Mar 5, 2014
Tucson, AZ
I'm wanting to adjust my tps. I cannot find the feeler guage sizes specified in the fsm anywhere. Where'd you guys get yours? Ive tried local stores, online, just can't find them....
You'll have to put a couple together to get the size needed. I don't remember which ones exactly but my standard Craftsman's valve adjustment feeler gauge set had the right ones. Once you add a couple of them together you'll get pretty damn close. I looked around for a few weeks to try and find the size in the FSM and I never found them. Also keep in mind that the thickness isn't "exact" so you'll make the necessary compensation when adjusting the TPS. It might sound complicated but it's not.
I can get pretty close by putting mine together, .002 .003 and .005 mm off from the sizes fsm wants. I'm satisfied, but are those small deviations from spec gonna be a big deal? They're pretty small.

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