Tpi in a 60

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Apr 16, 2003
I've got a tpi Chevy V8 sitting in the garage begging to be installed in my FJ60. I've done a few V8 conversions in 40's but nrver in a 60 and never a tpi. I was wondering if anyone has any input or advice.

I have a tpi in my fj62.
you need to have the 1987-89 blazer/sub. wiring harness(stand alone). then its a peice of cake. get a pusher fuel pump from napa. and the scematic to figure out the 4 wires that need power and you all set.
ok maybe not that simple but its not rocket science :slap: :doh:
Yea i've just finished of putting an injected v8 into my fj60 wagon , fairly simple i chose to buy a bellhousing hit and retain the standard cruisr box , engine mounts come with the kit , over all very pleased with the way things turned out , plenty of clearances , Done the wiring myself using the computer harness for the engine , Im in australia so the engine for mine came out of a 92 model commodore , used the wiring diagram from the gregorys manual to figure out the connections , and yea pretty simple , i chose to run a surge tank tucked up above the rear axle , low pressure suction pup feeds it and it gravity feeds the high pressure pump , if ya want any pics let me know as i have plenty .

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