Torque Specs please

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Mar 15, 2003
Sacramento, CA
Simple problem but not in any of the OEM manuals I own. I am installing new studs in the knuckle housing-the nice new Toyota ones with the torx head. Does anyone know the torque spec? Toyota doesn't list it in '84 or '97 and interestingly enough Haynes doesn't list it either and in fact has the picture drawn incorrectly so I wouldn't trust their spec even if they had it. Any help appreciated. This is an '84 FJ60.
Andy, seems to me you could use the torque spec for the steering arm nuts shown on '84 FSM page FA-17 (71 ft-lbs, 96 Nm).

My Georory manual page 147 shows "steering arm to swivel hub bolts" at 106 Nm. Slight difference for the same thing I believe.

I would torque them REAL tight, and check them before and after each wheeling trip. ;)
Thanks Bro-They will be tight! I saw the spec for the nut, but wasn't sure of the studs.
[warning non-expert talking...]

Torque specs are about stretching bolts within their elastic limits to provide clamping force. You want the friction forces of the mounting surfaces to hold things tight, not the shear strength of the bolt itself. More stretch, more clamping, more friction force, mo betta.

The way I see it, if you're able to get the specified torque on the nut, then the stud must be stretched enough.

So, what happens to torque specs when changing bolt grades?

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