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Sep 8, 2003
North Cackalacky
Howdy all!
I looked in Tech section with no luck ???.

Just bought a torque wrench from a friend and getting around to cranking everything down to spec. Got a body and chassi book on the way, but wanted to play with the ubolts tonight.

What's the torque spec for ubolts and is it more if you have shims? Thanks in advance fellas!

Yo Han
I bring them up to 90 ft lbs., and re-check them OFTEN!!!

Good luck!


Are you using stock u-bolts or aftermarket 9/16" dia?
90-110 ft-lbs depends on the size of the bolt, I have seen 1/2" rated at 75 and some of the big 5/8" ones at 120... I always go to 100...

And like Poser mentioned RE-CHECK!
Thanx fellas! They are 9/16" aftermarket. I'll torque them at 90lbz and check em once I'm running. Put some locktight on em, but I'm sure they can still come lose.

Thanx again... I love this board!!
Yo Han
I just checked my factory manual (service specifications), it shows to torque to 50 - 70 ft lbs for ubolt nuts. I think I torqued mine to 90 w/ locktite also.

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