TLCA needs photos of your Cruiser!

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Feb 11, 2005
Hey all you TLCA members -- we need you!

The TLCA marketing committee has been brainstorming all sorts of new ways to get the word out about our great club. We need photos of YOUR CRUISER(s) to use in flyers, online advertising, and promotions.

Here's what we're looking for:

* We're looking for sharp digital pictures or scans of ALL KINDS of Toyota 4x4s.

* Pictures can be color or black & white -- doesn't matter.

* Pictures need to be of YOUR vehicle, not one that you don't own. If it's a vehicle that you used to own, and the picture was taken when you owned it, that's fine.

* By submitting pictures, you are giving permission for TLCA to use these to promote TLCA. No compensation will be provided, but you will have awesome bragging rights.

* Pictures should be as big and high quality as possible. E-mail them directly to If you wish to post a smaller web-version here, that's great, but we do want the full-size originals!

* Send in your best shots. It's OK to send in 10 completely different shots of all the Cruisers you've owned. Please don't send 10 shots that are slight variations on the same picture -- pick the best three and send these.

* Stock or modified? We want both.

* The best shots feature your rig in a pose that it can be determined which model it is. We're looking for both sweet driveway pictures as well as cool shots on the trail.

how about these:beer: :beer: :beer:
Alpha Pit 8.jpg
Alpha Pit 9.jpg
All of those are great. I especially like the third one -- good angle, and you can see the classic front of your 60. Looks like a wicked fun run. We don't get mud like that out here.
I get sick of mud quick. I rather wheel rocks anyday, the stuff down here is so sticky,gooey,and somtimes bottomless. Being on the trail in the rain means no one is making it up anthing even fully locked its a pain. Slipping right off the trail is not all that uncommon. I for sure H8mud.
Email sent!
Leave it to the 60 guys to grab the bull by the horns and start submitting right away. I'm hoping that this will aid in a successful project :)
e-mail sent
I just sent a few as well...will we be notified if they are used, or we just watch?
pic sent
I sent pic's but the e-mail bounced back. Is it correct?
I kinda like this one..................


I know I's sittin in the driveway not wheeling, but It's ready for a trip regardless..............

and it's better than this one:


The only ones I have of us wheelin' are too small files..........guess I need to get back out there.............

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