TJM Locker Questions:

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Jun 8, 2007
Howdy, am in the process of installing 4.56 Nitro gears and TJM ProLockers and have a few questions possibly for those that sell or have installed these in the 8" front axle of the FJ80.

1) Is the front locker suppose to have replacement main cap bolts that are longer to compensate for the air actuator bracket?

2) I put some superficial marks on the locker due to the pinion head hitting it when torquing down the main cap bolts, I found a few references that the pinion head has to be clearanced for the ARB locker but nothing on the TJM's? I imagine that it needs to be clearanced the same way...

3) Due to the 29spline pinion of the Nitro gears, the NEW pinion nut that came with the install package did not fit and the original oil slinger was made to fit with a bit of persuasion as the hole in the middle was a bit small...

Kinda a PITA for the front locker install so far, the rear went SMOOTH and just needs to be drilled for the airline then installed back into the truck. Picked up some push lock fittings and am going to run full pneumatics instead of electric solenoid valves courtesy of some Clippard MMV-P3QD "Made in China" 3-way push-pull valves with 1/4" NPT push lock fittings.

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