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Nov 28, 2008
Sparks, NV
I plan on picking up a ScanGauge II that azcruiser had posted about and then I realized I need a timing light...any suggestions on a good quality timing light for use on a 97FJ80?:confused:
The Scangauge has an ignition timing display, although I'm not 100% sure whether you could use it for the same purpose as a timing light. Anyone know?
The reason for the question was I was checking the internet for Timing Light reviews and a couple had indicated that the difference in readout can be up to 5-7 degrees depending on some brands so I'm clueless at this point, if I look towards the high end like MAC they run close to $300...:confused:
For a top quality light at a relatively inexpensive price check out Ferret Instruments. They make them private label for a lot of the big names, good stuff.

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no expert on those, but it would be amazing if even cheapos could be off by 7deg. This is no rocket science I would think. Just have the bulb fire quickly and you're good.
I seriously doubt the variance between lights to be of any signifcance. I've timed engines with different lights and I would have noticed differences of more than 1 degree. I personally have an old craftsman and it gives me the same reading as the Mac one that a local tuning shop uses.
Thanks for all the feedback, probably going to set the budget at $100 and see what fits...?
Thanks for all the feedback, probably going to set the budget at $100 and see what fits...?

wow! my Crafstman cost me a whopping $5 at a garage sale... Works perfectly

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