timing belt replacement

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maybe by years but i didn't replace the tb on my 99 until 118K and it still looked good. Still on the original WP at 160K.
Look at the FAQ. Lots of good info there.
Timing belt is due at 90K. Do the water pump at the same time. You will find that many people have gone well over 90K with no issues. I'm at 97K and having my timing belt, water pump and trans fluid exchange done this week.
my timing belt looked new at 138k and 11 years of use. Water bump had obvious seep at some point. idler bearings felt a bit rough.
Does age count more than mileage

Having same issue with a Honda Pilot - recommended timing belt replacement is governed more by time (7 years) than the mileage (100,000 miles) - claim is the belt rubber weakens with age - any applicability of this reasoning to our Land Cruisers??
I have a 2000 that had 139K when I bought it (year ago). The timing belt had not been done. I replaced the TB and the water pump. The belt still looked fine and the water pump was not leaking. It was a preventative maintenance/peace of mind sort of thing.
Mine is def a piece of mind thing. I'm doing it at 100K because I don't want to be the first guy that blew his $$$$ motor because I didn't.
dropped off at dealer today....195K on truck...TB last changed at 85K in 2003 by PO. not sure about water pump.

im having tb, water pump, fan clutch, fan, tensioner and idlers replaced. fan clutch just started making noise, figured a good time to replace all....still cheaper than car payments....:)
I'd think that time would definitely be a limiting factor so yes if I were in your shoes I'd be thinking about changing it out.
guess i am pushing my luck, 215,000mi on a 2000 lx470 and not done the timing belt or the WP yet. I did take the cover off yesterday trying to replace the tensioner pulley and the timing belt looked pretty good given its age. Glad i found this thread.
my 99 is 90k with signs of cracking. I know the truck hasnt been driven much so it must be age; while im at it im gona do everything on the 90k parts list. Can anyone recomend a GOOD HONEST mechanic in OC or LA area. I cringe at stealerships.
PM me. I know of a real good Honest one in the Riverside Area..

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