Time to sell/trade the FJ60

Discussion in 'VA/DC/MD- Capital Land Cruiser Club' started by fjman, Mar 5, 2018.

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    Jul 12, 2005
    I've had her for a long time and I have no time to work on her (and she needs some work!)

    Currently SOA on stock springs with low mileage 33s. Ryan put a rebuilt diff in rear. The front axle needs some attention. I used axles off a rolled 60 series that was sprung over (proved to not be the greatest idea) Replaced the TREs which may be the issue. Hi-steer, rebuilt diff for the front, custom steel bumper (pretty nice but need some paint!) Literally has been garaged for a year and a half due to a crapped out alternator! Last real distance traveled was from @OTRAMM to DC to Gaithersburg a few years ago on scary tall lift springs (floated like a cadillac!)

    Body is in okay condition rust-wise. Not terrible but not great. Dent on the drivers door and rear quarter panel.

    Ran great before I decided to lift it many years ago! I would describe it as a project vehicle that someone with some time and expertise could get road worthy fairly easily/affordably.

    I'm not sure where to price it given the solid appreciation these vehicles have experienced lately. I was thinking $4k due to condition. That might be high though for a truck that will need a tow to its new home! Open to offers before I throw it on CL and the MUD classifieds. Very interested in trading for something fun and something more fuel efficient wouldn't hurt!. I love driving my LX470 and don't need 2 gas guzzling wagons!

    I'd be interested in a modded or not modded out miata, other toyota trucks/4wds, older mercedes, maybe a convertible or sports car, something unique and reliable. Any year Land Cruiser.... I would also trade it for/towards lots of 100 series parts! Bumpers, rack, RTT, etc...

    I'll get some pics up soon. Heading out to the garage now to find a bolt for the alternator pulley and regret putting this ad up!
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