TieRod Length

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Nov 15, 2004
Los Angeles, CA
Re: Hysteer setup on an 80.

So with the tires off and the front of the truck on jack stands. What is the best way to setup/determine tierod length in order to have zero toe in and out?

I've done alignment with the truck on the ground w/ wheels, but can it be done as it sits?

How much thread should be left exposed on each end of the tierod for adjustment once it is cut? (I was thinking 1/3 of the length of the heim exposed).

Thanks in Advance. -Sam- :beer:
I use yard sticks with a hole in the middle, and a tape measure for alignments.
1. Slide the yardstick w/ hole over a wheel stud, hand tighten nut onto yardstick.
2. Center wheel stud over top of hub, level the yardstick.
3. Measure the radius of your tire size out from the hole on each side.
4. Get the measurement at the front and back to be the same (0 toe in)
5. Install TRE's. Measure...

I would think that it should be self explanatory once you get the hubs aligned...

Are you using weld-in inserts or threading the rods on a lathe?

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