Thoughts on this cruiser/price?

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Dec 31, 2016
Boise, ID
Found a 2001 LX470 with about 136,000 miles. took it to a tech here that works on quite a few Cruisers and seems to know them well. I can get the truck for $12,750. Plus $750 in Tax.... not at a dealer. This is the 4th owner. It spent 130,000 in Beverly Hills, CA with 2 owners. 1 owner only had it 3 months and then I think it was repossessed. 4th owner has only own it for 2 months. It actually drives really nice and quiet...

so all in all... after fixing most of the items below.... I figure another $3k to $4k... approximately... so $17k for a $137,000 mile truck... Extremely clean undercarriage... no rust

Here were the techs comments
1) AHC shocks leaking (looked like 3 out of the 4)
2) Missing the front toe hooks and skid plate ???
3) Both CV boots slinging grease
4) Valve cover gaskets - active leak both sides
5) Telescopic wheel doesn't work - Tilt does
6) Trans Pan leaking
7) Lumbar on Drivers seat doesn't work
8) Spiral Cable making noise when turning (clock spring)
9) Right front headlight has moisture (small crack at top)
10) Front bumper repainted and held on at the bottom with zip ties (doesn't bother me much since I want a new bumper)
11) Passenger front fender appears to be painted as the turn signal doesn't fit correctly and some paint lines (I missed this, decent paint job)
12) will also do heater T's as I don't see them done yet.

Good things
1) looks like timing belt has been done (no sticker but Tech believes so since there are wrench marks on the bolts to the timing cover..)
2) clean interior
3) Brakes are good front and rear

Thought would be appreciated. I have lurked here for many years and used to be under Slamd58 but I couldn't log on anymore.... something to do with my account was lost during a transition to a new platform a few years ago.... Just saying I am not a complete newbie to Mud although it appears it by my profile.. :)
What are you planning on using it for? You've been here for many years and your signature says you have an 80 and a 100 already so it feels like you probably know all the likely the answers to come from these questions.

That being said... Service history for the first 130k? Accident damage sounds like it was fixed on the cheap. You're sure your Tech confirmed no frame/bumper mount damage? It seems like the prices are continuing to rise steadily for these 100's but $17k on a 2001 seems too steep for me. Just my 2 cents.

Best of luck,
Thanks for the input....

I'd love to be able to say that i get to go wheelin..... but reality is the 100 will probably not see any hard core trails. If/when i get to go offload it will most likely be dirt roads... Haven't done anything on the other 100, this one is nicer (paint, body and interior) and I will probably sell the other. The main reason I am asking is I just don't have much experience with the 100 prices and repairs.
I think that is priced waaaay too high
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If that was an 06, price would be right, but for an 01, way too high. I'd pay 8K for something like that with all those problems.
Yep way too high., I bought an 02 LX about a year a go, with 110k on it for $10,500. Really it only had one CV going bad, it was rough around the edges, which didn't bother me because it was gonna be offroaded. For 12K+, everything needs to be fixed. I'd not buy a truck with leaks, simply because I don't wanna fix them, and I sure don't wanna pay someone to fix. I'd offer 8 and not pay much more than that, use the rest of the money to fix the wrongs or find another truck.
Sounds much too high. I recently bought an 01 with 119k miles on it for $11.3K. 1 owner Southern vehicle.

Telescoping steering motor is shot, but haven't found anything else yet.
Thank you every one. Bottom line is I need to be patient.... ugh. I’m the most impatient person I know.
Look at the classifieds on here, that is where I found mine. It also gave me a good reference for price points, passed on a few local ones as I could get a cheaper one with more mods for less money. I agree that price is high for what it needs and year. Good luck
Cali prices are outrageous right now. That said, that truck should be 9k tops.

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