Things to look for when purchasing a 60/62??

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Jan 16, 2006
Los Angeles

Gonna buy my first LC within the next few weeks. What exactly should I look for when test-driving?

Are there notorious rust spots?

Is there a simple test to see if the 4x4 is crappy?

Engine wear, if its been heavy baja etc?

I am looking at a 89' with 80k for $5,000. Is this a good price, they price ranges seem to vary much. ( i am in southern calif).

Thanks all

The 89 you are looking is a FJ62 which is fuel injected and automatic. Since you are in SoCal if the vehichles are orginally from CA you should not have to worry about rust. You should always check for it though and look for body damage.I would try and decide if you rather have an auto or manual. You should not have problem finding either in CA if you are patient. There seems to be less of the 62's from what I have seen. They didn't make them as many years.

With the 89 FJ62 you are looking at the mileage is low but is it correct. Might be worth a carfax. With the 62 you want to make sure it shifts good.You can do a compression test on any engine yourself or have a shop do it to really tell what shape the engine is in so you know you a solid engine to work around. Really the main things are solid engine,transmission,transfer case,no rust, and clean body. You can lock the hubs and test out the 4 wheel drive. Keep the radio off and listen while driving. Also in CA make sure they give you a passing smog cert. before you give them money.Maybe if you find one you are interested in you can it take to a place there in SoCal to have someone check it out. There are some good guys with shops on this list that would not set you back too much and you would know what you have before you buy it. That is a good price for the 89 62 you are looking at as long as there are no major problems.

I'd say that's a good price for those miles. As said above a PPI is usually a good idea.
In my opinion that's a very good price if the truck is orignally from SoCal, the milage it true, and it's been taken care of. If it's in metro LA I might be able to take a look for you.
Sorry to rain on the parade but the price seems suspiciously low (for L.A.) I looked at alot of 62's before paying 7500 for one in Rancho Cucamonga. It was in really good shape, complete new interior, new paint, good compression, zero rust, everything there and it all works. Needed some little stuff as usual but I am a perfectionist. I spend another 750 doing these little things, belts, thermostat, damper, bushings, windshield washer reservoir cap, etc.

Many sellers advertise LC's as being in "great shape" but they often have different standards than you may have. Often much lower.

Be aware that it is the SELLERS responsibility to provide a valid smog cert, one that is less than 90 days old. Alot of sellers are not aware of this but in CA it is the law.

Keep a reserve of cash for things that come up after you get it home....
if yuo're in a coastal area of LA, you'll have some rust issues. salt air is nasty. however, it won't be as bad as contemporary trucks you'd find in the rust belt states.
Take it for a long test drive, like 1-2 hours: freeway, surface, freeway again, windy mountain road if you can squeeze it in; take it on a dirt road and run the 4wd hi and lo range; maybe drive it up the 5 to the OHV area north of Castaic or some such. Look for overheating, wierd trans behavior on the road, and for strange shifting or horrible noises on the 4wd part. Remember, any flaws you find might be used to bring the price down.
check for play in the transfercase

see if the knuckles have been rebuilt/are leaking

check transmission fluid, color, smell, level,

look over carefully for rust

listen carefully while driving for any clunks, noises, clicking when turning
Make sure you check the upper rear shock mount....not a big problem, but it can really make you mad

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