The useless cubby insert, not so useless anymore ?

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Jan 2, 2010
Walnut Creek, CA Bay Area
I love it when inmates provide us stuff we don't even know we needed ?

Case in point, our favorite OCD vendor down in So Cal saves the day once again since I've been struggling for a while now with where I mount my Switch-Pro's panel. Wits-End to the rescue.....





@NLXTACY this thing has my full attention now....
Until now it was a flaming pile of poo? :hmm: :flipoff2:

Until now I had no idea what I might use it for? besides those ball/socket GPS holders.

Now it is a whole new world!!
So now make one that fits in a single din spot for us 91-94 folks. ;) (Envisioning putting a single din radio in the bottom din and something like this in the top din.
@cme4lyt so what does each of those buttons do?
@cme4lyt so what does each of those buttons do?

Right now, I only have three loads wired up but here is what will be happening after all the kit is added :

Switch 1+2 are my 13” SPAL fans, one per switch
3+4 are for my two spots and two floods, not yet installed, along the front of my roof rack
4 is for my 6 x GM horns (ADFCDF) mounted horizontal behind the bumper (get outta the f#*king way !)
Switch 6 is for my linear LED under hood light
Switch 7 will be yellow rear facing LED dust lights at rear roof line.
Switch 8 is tbd.

The SwitchPro’s system is slick as heck and totally cleans up all that switch clutter we all have on our dash. I had every switch hole filled with some after market switch and now, just added 6 OEM switch blanks and the dash is all clean again.
That kit is expensive, but very cool! I had no idea it existed.
Yeah, the new version is over 500 I think. I purchased mine, about a year ago, in a group buy on the Tacoma World forum. Still a bunch of money but totally cleans up everything and the new version is gonna be more effective since you can control more than 8 loads.

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