The MUD 100 series Photos thread


Nov 19, 2010
Oakland, CA
where exactly, if you don't mind?

Hard to say exactly, but if you find the town of Gorda on PCH, there's an FS road just north of it called Will Creek Rd that runs up the mountain. It connects to the South Coast Rd, another FS road that runs along the ridge. All of it is rutted but no big deal in a 100 when dry. Great views, and you can take South Coast all the way up to Nacimiento Rd and come back down to PCH on that. (FYI Plaskett Ridge Rd has a locked gate about 5 miles up so it's basically a dead end in either direction unless you live there.)

Here's another pic from nearby to keep this legal (sort of)
Jun 4, 2016
Picked up a used and heavy 3 point rear blade for a tractor today down near Ennis. Luckily it was only 6' long or else I'd have had a hell of a time getting it to fit inside the hundy.

How does a guy get it outta the hundy you ask? I backed the hundy up to a embankment, slid some plywood underneath the blade, and used the winch on my 45 to pull it out. Looking forward to the arrival of the tractor in a few weeks, will come in handy with the snow. Now just need to find a used front blade or pusher.

The larch trees are beautiful right now.

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