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Aug 16, 2012
Worked 11 months, in fact worked real hard on this, from bare metal to designing it into LEWA( a pushtu word picked as its generic name, LEWA is a pushtu word which is almost a synonym of the English word Beast)
It is a 100 percent my design and u can’t find anything like this in the entire world of pickup trucks. To do this, we have to de commission the previous truck which we named as Ashenstein (Ashenstine was again 100 percent a design conceived and develop in Pak)
It is an orthodox V8 with DOHC around 4700 not very high on horses but give a reasonable top end, mid and low end torque which is obviously coming from one of the most reliable V8s from Toyota. To make it overland and expedition ready, it is on 35 inch tyres and 18 inch KMC beadlocks with total chaos upper UCAs, with 2.5 icon dynamics remote reservoir suspension. We have tweaked the front diff with a diff drop and in the rear we have engaged toyota’s rear diff locks which works fine with stock Center diff locks. We also upgraded the ring and pinion setup to make it worthy for up north expeditions with 4.88 gear ratios from Nitro and Gear revolution. We also dumped toyota’s drive shaft with the famous Tom wood’s aggressive and sturdy drive shafts. Finally with K&Ns cold air intake to Borla’s twin performance Pro Max exhausts with stainless steel total exhaust solution, LEWA sounds really strong and worth the drive....! Finally, let’s not forget that we extended the Chasis by 19 inches to get a proper 7 and half feet of rear cabin.
Hats off to the talent of the workmen of my beloved Pakistan. We fabricated this entire rig in Pakistan !!!
We develop this essentially on a 100 series and fj40 Chasis fabrication where we ended up with 19 inches extra to the length of 100 series. With increased length, we got some awesome results in its control over the expedition and overland scenarios. Essentially a two door solution with most of the body hand made while some parts from Fj like the doors are installed as it is but it’s wind shield and the back part extended and the roof completely hand made with a three viper blade solution. In this entire rig, we used parts from almost every landcruiser ever built from the early 40s to the 200s every cruiser has been used. To do this we been through some tough times to trial and runs, but ultimately we got an awesome machine with amazing departure Angels which is backed up by almost 3 and half inch of lift. This is a truck solution which can be used with or without roof and doors which can be easily detached.
Planning to patent this platform and planning to export this platform to Australia, USA and Africa !!!






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