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Dec 14, 2008
Trying to trace down a possible? issue. 2002 LC will not communicate with Techstream and VCI cable. I can load up Techstream, choose the model and year, and it will eventually go to the start screen. All ECU parameters are yellow - and if I click and of the systems they will turn white with * and state no communication. I know Techstream and cable work as I can hook up to a 2011 Prius and the fields will auto-populate correctly and I can communicate with all systems on the Prius. I had the cable and Techstream prior to owning the LC, so not sure if I ever tried to use before (except in the last 2 months).

I have a Scangauge II that has been hooked up for years - and it pulls all the real time info that I have programmed in, including transmission temp. The Scangauge II pulls info directly from the ECU, correct? So the OBD-II port should be working correctly?

Any ideas as to why Techstream can't communicate with the ECU, but the Scangauge II can? Does Techstream have tight tolerances in regards to possible voltage variations in the OBD-II port and thereby not allowing communication? Or am I completely off and the Scangauge II does not communicate with the ECU. Thanks.

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