Tear down of the front axles

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Sep 7, 2004
Hi guys,
I had this post on the Maintenance for 40 series on what maybe be causing the front to click when in 4WD, yes, lots of stuff on Mud but no real pro answers or guidance so I came over to my favorite place home of the 45.
Clicking noise up front- see video

First this only clicking happens when in 4WD, on both sides and only in a turn.
I am presuming it is the CVs (birfs) but an not totally convinced yet. This truck had thin tall skinny's on it most of its life and in the last few years has been rolling on size 31 tires at 10" wide so this may have something to do with it but as of today not sure. Never had a problem with any CV with a FJ40 or 45 before so I am no expert but if someone with expertise can school me on what I am looking at I would be grateful. Hope the pictures are good enough.
Since both sides are clicking I have checked all components on the underside to include the DL and the locking hubs, all good.
So I pulled the short shaft today to see what the grease situation looks like just incase it was a matter of needing more lube, as the pictures shows well lubed. In fact it all looks perfect, so no on to the brake down of the CV.
Pop the outer axle and Birf a part and removed all components so I could inspect for anything bad or the obvious. Well a said I am no expert so I would like to present the pictures for hopefully some professional input before I fork out my sons collage funds on new parts.
Thanks much





More pictures of the CV Birf axle.





A few more
Cv cage looks worn, time for new birfs! Ball should roll smoothly without a speed bump!
Drive shaft U joint are less than 8 months old. I did double check them. The cage, star and bell do have indentations from wear as seen.
So is what the clicking comes from?
Of course I just started to dig into this and have no idea what the other side looks like. I have to add that last year I did adjust my axle stops to what I believe to be Toyota's specs, this may be part of the problem if it's to wide of a setting for the Birfs.
Thanks guys

whhel angle.JPG
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Forget it!
Found the left side just as bad as the right-save some post time just going to replace with Nitro 30/30 FJ40 kit.
Just not worth switching joints left to right. Use them for backup if ever needed.
Talked to the boys at our local 4x4 shop and they agree that the chips on the cage is most likely due to age and two wheel/knuckle angle not set to specs, overloading the knuckles on turns.

brif weak 2.jpg

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